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How often should I replace my bamboo toothbrush?

We recommend you change your toothbrush every 2-3 months to keep things hygienic and get an optimal clean from your brush. Avoid leaving your brush in the shower where it is constantly damp to avoid growth of harmless but unsightly mould. 

How can I dispose of my bamboo toothbrush once I'm finished with it?

  • To compost your toothbrush when you’re done with it, simply pull the nylon bristles out with pliers or snap the head off beforehand.

  • You can also dispose of the entire brush in your household rubbish, knowing that 90% of it will break down quickly in landfill.

  • Alternatively, you can upcycle it for household use or as a plant label stake in the garden!

I prefer a hard-bristled toothbrush, will you stock those as well?

Dental professionals recommend using soft bristled toothbrushes only, to protect the health of your gums and tooth structure.


Toothbrush abrasion is a very common and sometimes painful condition caused from a medium or hard bristled brush.

How much do your produce bags weigh? I'm concerned that I'm paying for the weight at the checkout

Our produce bags weigh in at 12g for the medium size, and 16g for the large size. If you are concerned or are buying expensive produce simply ask your cashier to remove the produce at the checkout to weigh. 

How do I wash my produce bags?

Produce bags can be washed along with your normal washing. They can also be used as a delicates bag!

How often should I use the brush to clean my stainless steel straws?

We recommend running the brush through your straws any time you use them for a beverage other than water. It also helps if you run them under water straight after use. They can also be washed in the dishwasher.

What if I need a new straw brush, can I buy a new one?

Yes, we sell the cleaning brushes separately. Please check our store.

Can I return these products if I change my mind?

Please refer to our returns policy for more information.

Your rights are protected under Australian Consumer Law (ACL).

What if there is something wrong with one of my products?

If you find something defective with one of our products, please contact us and we will sort it out for you as soon as possible.

Your rights are protected under Australian Consumer Law (ACL).

Do you ship outside Australia?

Please contact us directly for a quote to ship overseas.

Can you do gift vouchers?

We can arrange a custom gift voucher via email. Please contact us directly. 

Where are your products made?

Our products are designed in Australia and made responsibly in China from recycled or sustainable materials.


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